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Libertinage has always been a topic of fascination. This practice, which involves consensual and open sexual relationships outside the traditional couple framework, is gaining interest among more and more Americans. With the rise of the internet, many online dating sites dedicated to libertinage have emerged in recent years.

However, navigating these sites can be challenging due to scams, fake profiles, and disappointments. Before signing up for any of these platforms, it’s essential to ask yourself the right questions.

In this comprehensive article, discover everything you need to know before diving into the world of libertine dating sites.

Top 5 Libertine Dating Sites in 2024

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Today, there are numerous dating sites focused on libertinage. Some are serious, others much less so. Here are the best libertine dating sites of the moment.

JM Date

It’s impossible to talk about libertinage without mentioning the Jacquie et Michel group. A true institution in the porn industry, J&M has also ventured into the libertine dating site niche with JM Date.

With nearly 2 million unique visitors per month, it is currently the most frequented libertine site. This means your chances of finding a match are high! The site brings together a large community of French-speaking libertines.

JM Date offers three subscription plans. An investment that pays off quickly if you find the perfect match!


Formerly known as « NetEchangisme », Wyylde has established itself over the years as the reference for libertine sites in France. In 2022 alone, more than 5 million new members joined the platform!

With such a large number of members, you are almost guaranteed to find one or more compatible partners near you.

Wyylde offers a wide range of practices: swinging, side-by-side, threesomes, group plans… there’s something for everyone!


Created in 2020, Libertic is the rising newcomer. This 100% French site is experiencing rapid growth, with over 700,000 members.

Libertic stands out for its young and dynamic community. The average age is around 30 years, so you have a better chance of finding people in your age group compared to the competition.

Other advantages include verified and certified profiles for more authenticity and responsive customer service in case of problems.

In terms of budget, you will need to spend between $10 and $20 per month depending on the chosen plan.


Formerly known as « NousLib », NousLibertin (renamed in 2022) is one of the reliable choices. The site claims no less than 8 million members!

The platform is designed to promote interaction and friendliness thanks to its very active community forum.

NousLibertin is accessible for free for 7 days. You can use this trial period to check the quality of the site before paying anything.

Place Libertine

With 2 million members, Place Libertine is one of the market leaders. The site records no less than 70,000 daily visits: as many potential partners at your fingertips!

The platform features a clean and intuitive interface that facilitates interactions. You can chat live on cam or via the internal messaging system.

Place Libertine is accessible starting at $9.99 per month. An affordable price that has largely contributed to its success.

How to Choose Your Libertine Dating Site?

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Now that you have an overview of the main players in the sector, how do you choose the one that will suit you best? Here are some criteria to consider before signing up.

Based on Your Situation: Single or in a Couple

Not all libertine dating sites accept singles and couples. Some are reserved for married or coupled individuals.

If you are in a couple, lean towards community-based platforms like Wyylde, Jacquie et Michel Contact, or NousLibertin. Singles are relatively few on these sites.

On the other hand, if you are single, opt for mixed sites that welcome both couples and singles, like Place Libertine or Libertic.

Based on the Practices You Seek

Some libertine sites are more oriented towards certain practices than others:

  • For swinging
  • For candaulism
  • For group plans

Choose a platform that aligns with your fantasies to maximize your chances of fulfilling them!

Based on Your Budget

Prices vary significantly from one libertine site to another. If your budget is tight, opt for affordable sites like Place Libertine or NousLibertin.

If you have the means, choose a high-end site where the prices ensure the quality of the profiles.

Based on Your Location

Before paying for a subscription, check if the site of your choice has a substantial member base near you. To do this, see if it offers a search engine by postal code or city.

Otherwise, you might not find anyone within 50 miles! In this case, favor highly frequented sites like Wyylde or Place Libertine, which attract members from all over the country.

Tips for Succeeding on a Libertine Site

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Now that you’ve chosen a site, it’s time for seduction and meeting people! Here are some golden rules to increase your chances.

Complete Your Profile Well

Your profile will be the first contact other members have with you. It is therefore crucial that it makes a good impression and inspires confidence. To achieve this:

  • Choose a recent and accurate photo: avoid pictures where you look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter…
  • Describe yourself sincerely in your introduction
  • Clearly state your expectations, limits, and what you are looking for

Contact with Tact

Once you’ve spotted one or more interesting profiles, it’s time to take action! To start the conversation:

  • Be courteous, polite, and respectful in your first messages
  • Show genuine interest in the person, not just their appearance
  • Ask open-ended questions to kick off the discussion

Set Up a Concrete Date Quickly

On a libertine site, there’s no need to chat for three months before meeting. As soon as you feel a match with someone, suggest a date!

But be careful not to rush things. First, take the time to get to know each other well over the phone or via video call before meeting in person.

Be Transparent

Trust is essential in libertinage. Don’t hesitate to ask your future partners all the questions that are on your mind:

  • Do you have STIs? Are you vaccinated against HPV?
  • What are your limits and taboos?
  • Do you have experience in the lifestyle?

The more you communicate, the better things will go!

How to Avoid Scams?

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Unfortunately, the online libertine world has its share of scams and disappointments. Here are some tips to avoid them.

Beware of Fake Profiles!

Many libertine sites are full of fake profiles created solely to extract money from users. Here are the warning signs:

  • A profile picture that’s too good to be true
  • An empty or barely filled profile
  • Conversations focused only on money

If you have doubts, confront the person in a video call.

Be Wary of Free Sites

Free sites often lack the budget for proper moderation, resulting in a flood of fake profiles and spam. Opt for a paid site where your money goes towards better moderation and profile verification.

Understanding Libertinism

Before diving in, it’s important to understand what libertinism entails.


Libertinism involves couples or singles engaging in sexual activities outside the traditional couple framework. It includes various forms:

  • Partner swapping: Exchanging partners between two couples.
  • Candaulism: One partner enjoys watching the other with someone else.
  • Side-by-side: Simultaneous sexual activities in the same room.

The key to all these practices is consent and transparency.

A Historical Practice

Contrary to popular belief, libertinism isn’t new. It dates back to ancient times, such as in Rome and Greece, where extramarital relations were common. After being sidelined for centuries due to religious influences, libertinism saw a resurgence in the 1970s with the sexual revolution. Couples began exploring new ways to spice up their sex lives. Today, this trend continues to grow, with 12% of French people reportedly having tried libertinism. The internet and dating sites have played a significant role in making these practices more mainstream.

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